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Lighting Repairs

Pot Light installation inside and outside LED light special price, save your monthly electricity bill

Electrical Installations

Electrical installation for your house or business, appliances, lights, fixtures, chandlers...

EV charger

Take advantage of Government rebates and install the EV charger in your business now, create comfortable place for your employees

Wiring Inspection

Keep your house or business safe, call us today for inspection and permits. make sure you do the electrical work safe.

Outlet Replacement

Keep your place safe, and replace all old outlets and switches with new design one.

Custom houses design and installation

Take advantage of Design for your house by Peng according to Canadian electrical electrical standard.

Emergency Services

24/7 service for emergency, ready qualified team to serve you


General Maintenance

Maintenance for all electrical devices and appliances.


Autocad design.

Design and watch your house on paper before to be reality.